Vero Moda (…and other fashion related things)

I have had a love affair with fashion since I was nine years old. I vividly remember that at that age, I would put together my outfit and appreciatively view it in the mirror before leaving the house.

This love affair with fashion gave birth to another love- window shopping. I love looking at store displays. I also love going around stores and looking for good finds and unique pieces.

Lately, international brands have been coming to the Philippines like clockwork. First it was Mango and Zara, which excited many fashionistas. Now, however, when I go to mall, I am welcomed by Forver 21, Aldo, UNIQLO, Cotton On, Stradivarius, Promod, Bershka, Top Shop, Suite Blanco, River Island. Soon, H&M will be opening. Woohoo!

On my last trip to Mega Mall (it’s one of the biggest malls in the Philippines), I came across a brand that I wasn’t very familiar with. Forever21, obviously is widely popular around the world so when its opening was announced, more or less, I knew what to expect. The name of the brand is Vero Moda ( Being the curious fashion person that I was, I immediately googled it. It turns out that it is a Danish brand. Their style comes across as something in between boho chic and edgy.

DEMO TUBE DRESS - S14, North Atlantic, main

OPEY AOP S/L TOP, Spiced Coral, main

JOLLIAS 3/4 SHORT DRESS, Black Iris, large

images from

It’s always very exciting for me to discover anything new in fashion- new trends, new brands and new designers. No matter how serious, intelligent and successful a woman is, I think a part of her heart and mind will be drawn to fashion (some more than others).


So….any fab fashion finds lately? Feel free to share.


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