Who believes in Revenge?

I just watched The Count of Monte Cristo (based on the book of Alexander Dumas). Can I just say that it is one of the best period movies I’ve seen in a while?!

It’s story is similar to The Legend of Zoro, which made me miss Anthony Hopkin’s acting a little bit. Not to say that Jim Caviziel (Edmond Dantes) and Guy Pierce (Fernand Mondego) weren’t excellent.
I especially loved seeing Richard Harris who played Abbé Faria.

Side note: For those who want a summary of the movie, you can check it out at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Count_of_Monte_Cristo_(2002_film).

There have been quite a number of books, movies and series written about revenge. There’s of course the series Revenge. For movies, the list is quite long:  Double Jeopardy,
Gladiator, Colombiana,
even the teen movie Mean Girls isaboutrevenge (the manipulative teen kind).

Though revenge is intriguing (sometimes entertaining) to watch is it really worth doing in real life?

Is it really worth it?

I think in planning revenge, you are not avenging yourself in any way. Sure you might get an opportunity to see your enemies suffer, but now that you’ve done that,
you would have wasted a good deal of time and effort. Time that could have been spent for better memories that are worth remembering.


Is revenge worth it?

My personal opinion: NO.

The best reaction you can give to the people who hurt you is to learn, forgive and move on.

Move on and live your best life.

Life is not meant to be lived backwards.

image from: vincentstlouis.com


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