LIAM NEESON: The dark horse of the action genre (contains a small amount of spoilers)

Non-Stop (2014) Poster
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Since Taken (still not over how good Taken was!) was shown, Liam Neeson has attracted a cult following. Movies like Taken, The Next 3 Days, and Unknown are reminiscent of
the type of action movies that made actors like Harrison Ford and Bruise Willis famous (adapted to more modern times).

In his resent film, Non-Stop, Neeson does not fail to get the attention of the viewers. The tempo of the movie was fast backed by a highly engaging plot.  (See summary
at These types of movies aren’t blockbusters…and thank God. It’s nice to see good acting take the front
seat in an action film. Smile Though Neeson’s films never make it to the top most of the film money bank,  I believe that they will continue to earn WELL. Why?

Because aside from being engaging, his films make people think. And will continue to want to think or else God bless the planet.

Random thoughts on the film:

  • It reminded it a little bit of Executive Decision (starring Kurt Russell and Halle Berry), though twists in the plot make Non-stop unique enough to keep you guessing until
    the end.
    Side note: If you haven’t watched Executive Decision, I suggest you check it out, it never gets old.

Executive Decision (1996) Poster

  • It was nice to see Michelle Dockery outside the Downton Abbey set.  She was able to pull off her role much more that I expected her too. (Good job! Open-mouthed smile)
  • Jen (Julian Moore’s character) never really revealed what she did for a living, I wish it was revealed in the movie.
  • Okay, was anyone able to predict who the mystery caller was? I did predict one of them, but the other one? Nope, I didn’t see that one coming.
  • Dear Liam Neeson, pls. continue doing awesome action movies! You rock.

I’ll end this entry by posting a quotes from the father of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. Have a good day everyone!




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