Fairytales and I

I grew up watching Disney (so did most of my friends, and a whole lot of other people- I would imagine) Open-mouthed smile  I still memorize some of the songs, heck, I even re-watch the classic Disney Animated Films . Growing up, my favorite was The Little Mermaid (as I kid, I always had this fascination about underwater kingdoms I actually dreamt of travelling into one). When Mulan came out though, it immediately became my favorite.

Last night, I made myself a Disney playlist, actually it was more like a animated feature film playlist because I included songs from Thumbelina, The Swan Princess, and Anastasia.  Anastasia is actually my favorite non-Disney cartoon. As a kid, my sister and I memorized the songs and even some of the lines- by heart.

Anyway, just thought I’d share my Top Favorite Animated Feature Film Songs. I love them because despite their childlike quality, they touch me. 🙂

These main things can make me fall in love with a song:

1. melody and lyrics
2. magic quality
3. inspiring quality
4. cuteness factor
5. just the fact that I don’t get tired of listening to it.

Probably my most favorite Disney Song- EVER
This wasn’t included in the movie itself, but I also like the radio version that they did use.



I also love songs from Tangled and Frozen, but I guess since I watched them as an adult, the impact that they had on me was not the same.

Surprisingly, even though I love Let it Go as much as the next person, I have to say that I find Love is an Open Door and Fixer Upper with more airtime in my player. I find the songs extremely cute.

I’m really glad that Disney has reconnected with fairy tale cartoons! The magic has returned. ❤

image source: lovequotesplus.com


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