Edge of Tomorrow: Nicely Done Tom (*contains minor spoilers)


After watching Maleficent, X-Men Days of Future Past, and Spiderman 2; I thought the hiatus of good movies had begun.

I was wrong.

I had the privilege of watching an advance screening (as stated on subject) at SM Megamall today. The edge of tomorrow stars Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise (Who would have thought they would pair up for a movie? Brilliant casting move.)

I can’t say I was anticipating anything. I watched the movie without really expecting much and it turned out to be a
pretty awesome ride. I found this movie to be tad more intriguing and well-paced than Jake Gyllenhaal’s Source Code
(which is also a very entertaining watch).  The pace picks up during the second half of the movie- for me anyway, and
when it does you’ll be glad to know what your movie fee was well worth it.

Watch it with your family, date, friend, etc. Its market is pretty much the entire earth, with a PG requirement
for super young audiences.



  • Does Tom Cruise ever age? Good job on aging gracefully. Keep up whatever you’re doing!!!☆
  • Emily Blunt proves again what an “all around” actress she is.☆
  • Was I the only one freaked out by the mimics?

FAVORITE QUOTE:  “Come find me when you wake up”, Rita


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