The Beauty of Memories: Thoughts on the movie Remember Sunday

I’ve just finished watching the movie, Remember Sunday starring Zachary Levi and Alexis Bledel. It’s a romantic drama between a girl, who’s trying to fix her life and start anew, and guy who’s lost his short term memory.

A real tearjerker, I recommend the movie, but not if you’re particularly feeling sad at the moment.

Sometimes, when life gets tough we wish that we could forget the things that happen to us. We want to forget all the pain and hurt that life has brought us. 

After watching the movie, I realize that no-  I want to remember. 

Crap happens. 

Your boyfriend dumps you out of the blue, and no doubt it’s painful. But things happen for a reason. Memory was given to us so that we can look back and learn. This way, we can grow as people. Remembering things sometimes feels like a burden, especially, when you’re at a low point in your life and it feels like bad things just keep happening. 

At the end, though, it will get better, and the bad memories that you have of the past, no matter how painful, are a reminder that you somehow got through it- and are now stronger and better. 



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