source: image from imdb.com

ABC’s Forever : Looks like it was made to last

More often than not, when you watch a series pilot, you automatically know in your gut if you’re gonna love it, hate it, or give it another chance.

ABC’s new series forever seems to have hit the first category. The new series is engaging, party thanks to its intelligent and witty script.

Note: The series revolves around the life of a 200-year-old medical examiner (think Sherlock Holmes), Dr. Herny Morgan (played by Ioan Gruffudd, Fantastic Four, Ringer), who  mysteriously comes back to life in a body of water, seconds after he dies. His vast experience (or shall we say stay on earth) has made him very well -versed in facts (science, history, etc.); very keen on details; as well as very “quirky”- but adorably so. Together with agent Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De la Garza) and friend/ confidant/ adopted son Abe (Judd Hirsch, ); he manages to go through forever- one day at a time.

The plot looks like it’s well thought of. The flashbacks in Morgan’s past are quite fascinating and intriguing. Amazing set design and costumes.

I won’t say much- because I want you to like it in your own terms. Usually if I get my expectations too high, it distracts me from appreciating the movie/ show, and I wouldn’t want that to happen to you.



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