What I love about the New Year


Hello 2015!

Another year has past! Another year is beginning!

Here are a new things I love about the New Year!

1.) Party!

Who doesn’t like a good party?

Whether it’s with family or friends, celebrating the dawn of a new year makes you feel brand new and ready to tackle what next year has to offer.

It’s also nice when you see people you don’t usually see during the year. Getting to catch up with friends
and family is one of the things great about New Year celebrations (and holiday celebrations in general).

2.) Greetings

It feels good to receive greetings via Facebook, text and, of course, personally. It makes me feel loved and reminds me that there are people who care about me ❤

3.) New Beginnings

Setting goals and resolutions makes me feel pumped up and ready for the new year. I do these things not to pressure myself, but to make sure I seize the coming year with gusto.

Some of my goals include:

saving money
make my business grow- do a good marketing plan for this
get fit and trim
get my driver’s license

I have more, but that’s for my personal list. haha! 😀

Here’s to New Beginnings, New Goals, New Experiences
Here’s to a New Year!

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