The World in Black and White: THOUGHTS ON PHOTOGRAPHY

I once took photography lessons in an art gallery and it was one of the most influential lessons I have ever had in my life.

In one lesson, our teacher asked us to share our thoughts on black and white photography. Here’s what I said:

“In our other lessons we talked about reducing noise and making our pictures more focused, increasing its meaning. I think this is what makes B&W photography so visually appealing. In removing color, you’re eyes are able to focus on other aspects of the picture like patterns, emotions and lighting.”

Similar to techniques of bokeh, zoom, and crop, black and white photography directs the eyes of the viewers on what the artist wants to focus on, allowing him/her to convey his message.”

I really am amazed on how different a picture looks in color and in black and white. 

Here is part of my personal photo collection. It is my no means perfect, but I enjoy doing it as a hobby.

Title: Motion and Patterns

Title: Lines and Shapes 3

Title: BW111

Title: Lines and Shapes 2

Title: Art at the Restaurant

Title: Lines and Shapes 3