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Growing up, I loved to write my own stories. I was a fan of Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley Series (I read from Kids to SVU). I also peaked from other pocket books
like Love Stories and also Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries book series.

But then, I felt the need to right my own stories. While watching TV, eating or walking I would get these flashes of ideas for a story that I couldn’t wait to write.
I once wrote a Part 4 for the Might Ducks because I felt the need to see Charlie coaching his own team.

Since I’m developing this habit of blogging, I came up with the idea of developing my own Blog Series. I’ve always had the dream of publishing own novel. Who
knows? Maybe one day I’ll be able to publish this.

Let me introduce you to the plot of my series:

by me

What if you were given a chance to direct your own life?

Mandy Mendoza is a 20-year old aspiring script writer and director. Her dream is to be the next Nora Ephron. So far, the universe has been cooperating with this dream. Currently a junior, she is at the top of her class at Purdue University. One of her student films has even been nominated for a Daytime Emmy. Life has been good to Mandy, or so she thinks.

After one drunken night at Peter’s Pub, she wakes up and suddenly she’s 34 and she’s made it. She’s one of the most sought afternames in the business, currently directing a romantic comedy entitled Turns . Would have been perfect except of one major factor, she’s now the famous Lacy TravisEverything in her life is different. Different friends, different background. It’s like she never existed. As she goes over the script, she is shocked to see that script is in fact

her former life.