Thoughts on Sound of Music from a girl named “Gretel”


Nope, Gretel isn’t my real name. Yet, at age 3, I convinced my entire family to call me by that name because I was such a fan
of the movie. I watched the movie so many times when I was little I practically do a monologue of some of the scenes.

Now, of course, I don’t watch it as often, but when I do it’s always a joy! The songs are so much fun to listen to, partly because
of nostalgia; and partly because I get to sing along when I want to.

What makes Sound of Music of appealing? Celebrities like Christina Aguilera are quite vocal about it being a big part of their
childhood. And I’m sure, like me, there millions who never get tired of hearing these inspiring words:

“When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” Red heart

This, I think, is one of the reasons why I love The Sound of Music so much- it never fails to inspire.

Here are more inspiring quotes from the movie:

“Climb every mountain. Ford every stream. Follow every rainbow. Till you find your dream.”Red heart

“I have confidence in sunshine, I have confidence in rain, I have confidence that spring will come again.”Red heart

“To find out what is the will of God, and to do it wholeheartedly.” Red heart

“These walls were not meant to shut out problems…”Red heart

I’m sure there are a lot more.

*What makes this movie so great is that in spite of it not being a heavy drama, you get a lot from it. You get romance, action,
music (musical score, songs) , beautiful cinematography, and humor.

* It’s just the right amount of “inspiration”that can change a bad mood to a good mood and lift your spirits, but not so much
that you end up living in fairytale land.

* It’s not tiring to watch, in fact, every time I watch it, it still entertains.

Congratulations Robert Wise, you have created a masterpiece!


ON THE SIDE: Let’s not forget about fashion:

Who could forget Liesl’s dress during that night at the gazebo? My cousins and I have been buying formal wear with similar designs. It’s just
so “princess-y” and ladylike.


Baroness Elsa’s evening gown is quite stunning as well!




I RECOMMEND (SHOP) : Sending some fashion love to French Brand Camaeiu

The French are known for their fashion…and now- I can enjoy French fashion, too!

More anyway.

Two of France’s high-street brands Promod and Camaeiu have become highly present in Philippine malls.
Promod has been present a couple of years already (FAN. LOVE IT).

What I really want to talk about is Camaeiu.

There prices are quite affordable actually, but it’s shopping heaven if you happen to catch them on sale.
It so happens that they now have a mid-season year, so hurrah!

Things I love about the brand ❤

1.) Wearability: As much as I love looking at designers’ instragrams and fashion magazines, when I buy my clothes
I value wearability and comfort over trendiness. Of course, I try to have both.


2.) Cotton Comfort: I love shops that sell items made from cotton. I have verrrrrry sensitive skin so  I try to wear clothes with cotton fabric as much as possible. I love their harem pants.

Women's snake print harem trousers


3.  Staples: Staples like while polo shirts, stripped three forts t-shirts, dark plain denims are present. I hate it when a shop has all these fancy designs but doesn’t include basic necessities in their regular product line.

Women's white loose-cut blouse

4. Accessores!: Though not a lot, they do have a cute selection of accessories. Always a plus! Smile


Note: the designs in the pictures I posted aren’t necessarily available in the Philippine stores.

It’s now available at Shangri-La Mall Ortigas | Ayala Mall Terraces, Fairview | SM Megamall: Fashion Hall, Ortigas | SM City, BF Paranaque

Oscar Fashion 2014 (Yay! )

Aside from of course, the winners, women have the fashion to look forward to. The fashion is year was one another level.  I was pleasantly surprised by Lady Gaga’s wardrobe choice this year. It was very demure and understated- LOVE IT.

Having said this, artists pretty much nailed it. There were some off choices, but I won’t get into that (honestly, they probably know it already, why rub it in??).  Let’s talk about the beautiful gowns!


Actress: Kristen Bell, Designer: Roberto Cavalli

Actress: Lupita Nyong’o, Designer: Prada

Actress: Cate Blanchet, Designer: Armani Prive’

Actress:Charlize Theron , Designer: Christian Dior

Designer: Verace

Celebrity: Giuliana Rancic, Designer: Paolo Sebastian

E!Online | | |

Things I love about the gowns:

– I love how the designs of the gowns focus of princess cuts,  classics and feminine looks (no weird dresses tonight!),
– which have the Oscars sort of a-Regal aura
– Have been a fan of neutral tones for a long time, and was happy to see it take the stage.
– Who takes first place in my favorite dress list? Why Kristen Bell, of course! 2nd place goes to Lupita Nyong’o

I’m also extremely proud that Filipino fashion has once again made it to the Oscar read carpet.

Designer: Monique Lhuillier, source:

Jennifer Lee’s gown is by Filipino designer Oliver Tolentino, source:,

Maia Suckle in Oliver Tolentino, source:,

I sincerely wish that more Filipino Designs make it to the red carpet. Since Filipinos are very much Oscar Fanatics, Lifestyle Network (owned by ABS-CBN, one of the largest Filipino networks) asked some of the local designers to share designs they would have give to certain Hollywood celebrities. My favorite was by designer Francis Liberan ( Libiran/249666728420879#).  He has actually had some international exposure  in an episode of Top Model US, but I believe that his designs deserve a lot more global .

An a Lifestyle Network interview, Liberan shared that he would love dressing Jenifer Lawrence with this gold number below.

Souces: Lifestyle Network,

Vero Moda (…and other fashion related things)

I have had a love affair with fashion since I was nine years old. I vividly remember that at that age, I would put together my outfit and appreciatively view it in the mirror before leaving the house.

This love affair with fashion gave birth to another love- window shopping. I love looking at store displays. I also love going around stores and looking for good finds and unique pieces.

Lately, international brands have been coming to the Philippines like clockwork. First it was Mango and Zara, which excited many fashionistas. Now, however, when I go to mall, I am welcomed by Forver 21, Aldo, UNIQLO, Cotton On, Stradivarius, Promod, Bershka, Top Shop, Suite Blanco, River Island. Soon, H&M will be opening. Woohoo!

On my last trip to Mega Mall (it’s one of the biggest malls in the Philippines), I came across a brand that I wasn’t very familiar with. Forever21, obviously is widely popular around the world so when its opening was announced, more or less, I knew what to expect. The name of the brand is Vero Moda ( Being the curious fashion person that I was, I immediately googled it. It turns out that it is a Danish brand. Their style comes across as something in between boho chic and edgy.

DEMO TUBE DRESS - S14, North Atlantic, main

OPEY AOP S/L TOP, Spiced Coral, main

JOLLIAS 3/4 SHORT DRESS, Black Iris, large

images from

It’s always very exciting for me to discover anything new in fashion- new trends, new brands and new designers. No matter how serious, intelligent and successful a woman is, I think a part of her heart and mind will be drawn to fashion (some more than others).


So….any fab fashion finds lately? Feel free to share.