My love affair with Musicals: Five Things I love about it <3

Im tell you whats burning inside..


I don’t sing.


I can’t sing, which is why it’s strange that I’m a fan of musicals. I memorize lyrics and stuff, and can  probably attempt to sing them- but it comes out more like reciting a poem.

There are probably a lot more people in the same boat as I am.

I’m lucky that I live in a country that patronizes musicals as well.  Just recently, Wicked (Australian Tour), was here- sadly I missed it. But I did get to watch Phantom of the Opera (2012) and Miss Saigon (back when I was a kid) live in Manila. Thank God for World Tours!

The Philippines has their share of local productions which have, in the recent years, escalated. Yay Smile  There are four main musical production houses in the Philippines- 9 Works Theatrical, Atlantis Productions, Resorts World Manila, Repertory Philippines. These are the ones I am familiar with anyway. So far I’ve watched:

The Sound of Music by Resorts World Manila
The King and I by Resorts World Manila
West Side Story by Atlantis Productions

What makes musicals so great?

Here are things I love about it:

1.) It’s Live!

No matter how great the special effects in movies are, nothing beats watching something live! It can transport you into the story, and affect you in no way a movie can.

Seeing the actors sing live, dance their hardest, and move with energy is such a high. It’s as if, as an audience member, you somehow absorb the adrenaline onstage.

Not to diminish the value of the good movie. I love movies! Movie buff as well. I guess both are special in their own way. For one, you can watch a movie as many times as you like- once you have the dvd!

2.) The Production!

It’s so much fun seeing another world on stage. The production, of course, helps in this aspect. Phantom of the Opera has got to be one of the most jaw dropping productions ever.  Still can’t get over the chandelier. Oh, and the costumes!

3.)  The Music!

The notes seem to have such an emotional/inspiring effect on me.  I love how beautiful the melodies are.  Sometimes, when I need to get in the mood for writing, I actually listen to musical numbers online. haha.

4.) The Words!

Since I love to write, I tend to pay close attention to a song’s words. In my opinion, for a song to be great, both the music and the words have to be beautiful.  Bravo, bravo to musicals
for making great melodies and great lyrics.

5.) Lessons Learned

Or realizations after (or during) watching it.  No matter how distant a story may seem. (Hello? Beauty and the Beast?) The emotions and trials that a character goes through are still relatable.

Or sometimes, the production itself, is just inspiring. The dance numbers in West Side Story just make you want to get out of your seat and join them.

What do you love about musicals? Feel free to share by commenting in my blog.



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Seasons (weather or holiday) are often associated with emotions, (or just life in general).

With you, it’s summer all year round.
This cake tastes like Christmas.
In the winter of my life, I found happiness.
I never thought autumn would come and this would have to end. (break-up, etc.)

Spring, I tend to associated with second chances and new beginnings. It’s beautiful knowing that after every challenge in life, Spring will come,
giving you another chance to grow and learn. It’s beautiful seeing new leaves growing, a reminder that it’s the natural pattern of life- vitality
will always find it’s way back.

So if ever you’re feeling down and dreary, think of Spring. Hang in there, because like Spring that always finds its way back to the world, happiness
will always find its way back to you.


In light of this, let me share a poem I did. It can better explain my thoughts on it.


by Me


A thousand leaves renewed

A thousand flowers blooming


One leaf replacing the other

A new life reaching out


After fear subsides…

courage takes place again


When strength is found…

a new chance is given


A new beginning

A fresh start

A new day coming

The Book Thief: Some thoughts on it (contains spoilers)

The Book Thief (2013) Poster

I can hardly sit through movies which are anti-climatic. Melowdramas and documentaries always leave me sleeping or doing something else besides watching.

I watched The Book Thief, because it was the only movie in the theatre besides LEGO MOVIE that had an an above average rating in imdb, and also because the book was a New York Times Bestseller .

I was utterly surprised to find myself hanging on to every scene- even crying in one of them. The movie humanized Hitler’s rule. It made the suffering people of that era come to life. I could feel myself empathizing with characters’ sadness, frustrations, joys and fears.  Given, that the story is a work of fiction, the emotions felt so genuine. Sophie Nelisse, the actress who plays Liesel (the heroine), has promising future ahead of her. Her acting is calm and understated but the underlying emotions are strong and well portrayed. Emily Watson (adoptive mother) and Geoffrey Rush (adoptive father) delivered very touching performances as well.

Movies often make me think and ponder about various things related (or semi-related to it).  Just wanted to share some of the things that crossed my mind

  • It made me reflect how events in history (or people in history) are sometimes  objectified to facts in history references. The only thing that separates the past from the present is time. 100 years from now, people might be looking at my laptop and smartphone as primitive artifacts of the past. But that’s just how the world works. The past 100 years ago is as real as the “now”.
  • In the end, we’re all just people- living and breathing. So people who feel like they’re superior for one reason or the other should give themselves a big slap on the cheek and remind themselves to be grounded.
  • I suddenly feel nostalgic for all people who have experienced the wars of the past.  My grandmother experienced the Japanese-Filipino war. When she was alive, she often told me stories about her experiences. Back then, what she told me didn’t sink in as actual events but as stories. Something that was far away. Something I couldn’t relate
    to. It must have been REALLY, REALLY scary living during those times.
  • I really, really hope the Philippines can come up with something like this. I know we can. Maybe someday we will.
  • The power of words has amazed me once again.

” Words are life, Liesel. All those pages, they’re for you to fill.”, Max Vadenburg, The Book Thief


Beyond the Wall: The Beauty of Moving On

Moving On.

It’s a term usually associated with a past relationship.The truth is though, people move on from way more things in life- it can be a failed test, a stolen phone, a lost friendship, a humiliating experience, etc. The list goes on.

Moving on is a test of strength. When you’re in the middle on moving on, it always seems like you’ll never be able to get past the finish line. It’s like you’re always looking back at the way things were before, to how you wished things had turned out in the past.

The thing is, the past will only be just that- THE PAST. Nothing will come out of looking back- it won’t change no matter how many times you look back at it wishing that’s not what you saw.

Unfortunately, it always looks differently when you’re looking at it from the middle.

Thank God, there always seems to be that jolt that inexplicably happens. Something that pushes us beyond the wall of yesterday, allowing us to be liberated from hanging on to whatever it is.

All of us have been constantly moving on from stuff. And if you think about it, what would
life be like if you didn’t have to move on from anything? Life would definitely be easier.

But  would you be better?

Something to think about.

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