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Seasons (weather or holiday) are often associated with emotions, (or just life in general).

With you, it’s summer all year round.
This cake tastes like Christmas.
In the winter of my life, I found happiness.
I never thought autumn would come and this would have to end. (break-up, etc.)

Spring, I tend to associated with second chances and new beginnings. It’s beautiful knowing that after every challenge in life, Spring will come,
giving you another chance to grow and learn. It’s beautiful seeing new leaves growing, a reminder that it’s the natural pattern of life- vitality
will always find it’s way back.

So if ever you’re feeling down and dreary, think of Spring. Hang in there, because like Spring that always finds its way back to the world, happiness
will always find its way back to you.


In light of this, let me share a poem I did. It can better explain my thoughts on it.


by Me


A thousand leaves renewed

A thousand flowers blooming


One leaf replacing the other

A new life reaching out


After fear subsides…

courage takes place again


When strength is found…

a new chance is given


A new beginning

A fresh start

A new day coming